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Best Dental Hospital in Abu Dhabi






About Us

At the Nora Clinical Poly Facility, we are a multi-specialty centre that was established by a group of renowned doctors. We are dedicated to providing the service as the best dental hospital in Abu Dhabi to our patients and to the community as a whole. We only use the most advanced medical equipment and treatment methods available so that you can be confident you’re receiving the best possible care. Our friendly and professional staff will be there to support you from the moment you walk through our doors. We have a highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable team that is ready to help you with whatever you need.
Best Dental Hospital in Abu Dhabi

Get the best smile with excellence

The Noramedical Polyclinics was established to provide excellent dental care. We went above and beyond to find the best dental hospital in Abu Dhabi with clinical experts from respected private clinics and clinical schools. Our clinical experts have various disciplines in order to provide our patients with the best possible staff for their needs. Not only are our dental specialists and patient care staff mindful of your dental issues, but they are also very friendly and considerate.

Our Mission

Improving the quality of life of our valued patients through a holistic approach to dentistry. Transforming lives through restorative and transformative journeys resulting in sparkling smiles. Our qualified dental practitioners are also committed to transforming dental procedures into a comfortable journey with care and attention. Our ultimate aim is to avail dentistry to all at affordable prices without compromising quality

Our Vision

We are futuristic with a commitment to incorporate state-of-the-art procedures into our treatment modalities. Continuous education and feedback responses are ensured to further solidify our position as the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi. We foresee our future as the pioneers in transforming dentistry into holistic treatments that set the standards of comfort.



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