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We Make Your Kids Smile with our Pediatric Dentist Abu Dhabi

Pediatric Dentist in Abu Dhabi for Children of all ages

We at Nora Medical Polyclinics in Abu Dhabi understand how important it is to provide specialized dental care for your children of all ages. Our team of skilled pediatric dentists are committed to make sure that your child feels safe and comfortable while getting dental care in Abu Dhabi.

Need for Early Dental Treatment in children

It is always necessary to start early dental treatment to set the foundation for good oral health. It is necessary for children to visit a pediatric dentist right at an early age to create healthy dental habits and address any problems. Our pediatric dentist in Abu Dhabi are experienced in handling the unique needs of children, making their dental visits a positive and stress-free experience.

Pediatric dental treatment in Abu Dhabi
24 Hours Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi

General Checkup

Make sure to always do regular checkups for maintaining your child’s oral health. During these visits, you will see your child’s teeth and gums. Check for any early signs of dental issues and provide guidance on proper oral hygiene practices.

24 Hours Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a mineral that can help in preventing tooth decay. Our dentists may recommend fluoride treatments. This is to strengthen your child’s teeth and protect them from any decay or cavities. The fluoride treatments are safe, effective and are an integral part of your child’s preventive care.

24 Hours Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi


Dental sealants are protective coating that are applied on the molars to prevent cavities. They act as a protective shield and seal food particles that lead to tooth decay. Sealants are beneficial for children who are still learning the right way to brush their teeth.

24 Hours Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Pulp Therapy

Often called as “baby root canal”, it is a procedure to treat infections and inflammation in the tissue of primary teeth. Our pediatric dentists are skilled and have years of experience to perform this procedure. We also ensure that your child is comfortable all through the process.

Different Habit breaking appliances

Our pediatric dentists address habits like thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting and using pacifier. We offer habit-breaking appliances that help kids overcome these habits and prevent any potential dental issues related with them.

Why Choose Nora Medical For Pediatric Dentist Abu Dhabi

Choosing Nora Medical for your child’s dental care offers you various benefits:

If you are looking for pediatric dentistry in Abu Dhabi, Nora Medical Polyclinics is your reliable partner. We help children get an amazing smile and establish them with healthy oral hygiene practices. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentist in Abu Dhabi


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