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Restore Your Teeth with Our Tooth Filling In Abu Dhabi

What is Tooth filling?

Tooth filling is a common dental procedure that removes decayed tooth material and fills the tooth with a dental restorative material. It restores the structure of the tooth and functionality to prevent further decay and tooth extraction. For those looking for tooth filling in Abu Dhabi, we are there for you.

When do you need Tooth Filling and what are the consequence if you don’t?

Tooth filling becomes a necessity if there is a decay or damage to the tooth that results in cavity. Cavities are detected during regular dental examinations or usually when a patient complains of signs including pain, sensitivity or a visible hole in the tooth. Filling the cavity involves removing the decayed portion of the tooth and filling them with a dental material such as composite resign, amalgam, or ceramic to restore its original shape, function and strength of the tooth. Furthermore, fillings may also be used as a part of the process in restoring cracked or broken teeth, to fill up the spaces between the teeth, and/or replacing old fillings with newer ones.

Tooth filling can reduce oral problems including mild discomfort to serious oral problems. Without prompt treatment, they can get worse over time and the pain usually increases significantly with the levels of tooth sensitivity. Apart from this, undertreated cavities can spread to the tooth’s pulp normally resulting in fever or tooth loss which might further result in gum disease. Apart from this, bacteria from untreated cavities will spread next to other teeth and this process can affect many of your teeth causing tooth decay. Apart from that, postponing such treatment could lead to more complication and additional expense in the future as the dental diseases can grow to be more serious that can lead to root canal treatment or even tooth extraction. That’s why it is important for timely tooth filling that avert any complication and maintain optimal oral health. Being one of the leading dental centers, we at Nora Medical Polyclinic ensure top-quality tooth filling in Abu Dhabi at best price without compromising on quality.

Long lasting tooth filling in UAE

Tooth Filling Procedure

Here is how the tooth filling procedure will be done:

Different types of tooth fillings

Here are some of the tooth filling materials:

Tooth filling is available in all kinds of materials whose properties often vary and affect their application. The most common types of tooth fillings in Abu Dhabi include:

Cost of Tooth Filling

The cost of tooth filling varies based on the type of filling material, extent of the damage, and specific dental clinic. Nora Medical Polyclinics provides cost-effective tooth filling in Abu Dhabi while maintaining high-quality standards.

Why choose Nora Medical for Tooth Filling Abu Dhabi

Here are some of the reasons why choose us for tooth filling in Abu Dhabi:

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